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KLORANE Privacy Policy

SupergoCompany Limited ("we, or our") respects your privacy concerns andvalues our relationship with you. This Privacy Policy explains to you the typesof personal data we collect about our customers, how we use it, and the choicesour customers make about how we use that data, the measures we take to protectthe security of that data, and how customers can contact us to find out aboutus privacy policy measures.

Informationwe collect

We mayobtain personal data about you from various sources. We may collect personaldata from us when you provide it to our counters, stores, websites, socialmedia, apps or events. When you use our app and agree to location services, wecollect data about the Wi-Fi router closest to you and the ID of thetransmitter station closest to you to provide the requested location service,not to identify you .

Informationyou provide

You maychoose to provide us with personal data in different ways, such as when youparticipate in an offer or promotion, use our app, purchase from our website,counter or store. The types of personal data you may provide us include:

• Contactinformation (such as name, email address and mobile number)

• Date ofbirth

• Gender

• Membership number, username and password

• Optionalcolumns

• Beautyconsultant number

• Countryof residence (if Hong Kong, area of residence)

• Profession

• Maritalstatus

• Incomerange

• Country ofCitizenship

• Scope of interest

• How didyou know about us

• When didyou start using our product?

• Where doyou typically buy our products (retailer, region)?

• Contentyou provide (eg scanned receipts)

When youuse our social networks or applications (such as your name, profile picture,preferences, location, friends list and other information described in thesocial networking application registration page or mobile phone, you can choosethe personal information you provide to us data, applications or yourgeographic location details).

If you donot want us to collect any of your personal data, please do not provide us withany such data.

How we usethe information

We may useyour data to:

Send youpromotional materials or other communications;

To provideyou with the requested information and services;

Contact youto follow up or confirm your order, make an appointment, return or refund andsend you non-promotional messages about the goods and services we offer you;

To processyour payments and/or gift card transactions;

Create andmanage your account, including access to your online same-store purchasehistory;

To assistyou with product selection and replenishment, including through our customerregistry;

To respondto your questions;

Displayrelevant advertisements on our website and other websites that match yourinterests and website history;

Tocommunicate with you about our special events, contests, sweepstakes, variousprograms (such as loyalty programs, if any), surveys and other offers and to administeryour participation in special events, contests, sweepstakes, programmes,surveys and other offers;

Operate andcommunicate with you about our social networks;

To operate, evaluate and improve our business (including developing new products and services;enhancing and improving our products and services; managing our communications;analyzing our products; accessing market research, data analysis andimplementing customer relationship management programs; conducting accounting,auditing and other internal work);

To complywith applicable legal requirements, relevant industry standards and ourpolicies;

To avoidduplication of data and ensure the accuracy of your personal data, regularlyperform data cleaning, linking or merging our records, either on our own orthrough our service providers.

We may alsouse the information for the purposes specified when the information wascollected.

If youprovide us with your personal data, we intend to use it for direct advertisingpurposes in order to offer or advertise our goods and/or services. However, wewill not use your personal data for this purpose unless we have received yourconsent to our intended use.

All typesof personal data listed in the "Information You Provided" sectionabove may be used by us for direct marketing purposes if you provide us withsuch information and you consent to such use. In this case, we may use yourpersonal data to directly market to you the following categories of goods andservices:

• Hair care and beauty products;

• Specialevents, competitions, clubs, programs, questionnaires and surveys.

If you donot want us to use your personal data in direct marketing, you can opt out ofour direct marketing at any time as set out in the "Your rights andchoices" section below. When you request, we will not charge any fees andwill stop using your personal data.

We will usethe personal data you provide for direct marketing in accordance with thePersonal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Chapter 486 of the Laws of Hong Kong) (the"Ordinance"). Our direct marketing materials may take many forms,including but not limited to marketing emails, in-app messages and textmessages, the details of which are set out in the subsections below.


Our appsinclude self-configurable location services, geolocation services such as storelocators, promotional offers and other personalized content. Some of our mobileapplications include opt-in "push notifications". Most mobile devicesallow you to turn off location services or push notifications. If you agree touse location services, we will collect information about the Wi-Fi routerclosest to you and the ID used to provide the requested location services, notto identify you.

Informationwe share

Except asdescribed here, we will not sell or otherwise disclose the personal data wecollect about you. We may share your personal data as follows:

• Affiliates for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy.

• Serviceproviders who perform services on our behalf at our instructions. We do not authorizethese service providers to use or disclose information except to performservices on our behalf or to comply with legal requirements. Examples of theseservice providers include companies that process credit card payments, fulfillorders, and provide web hosting and marketing services.

• Otherthird parties with your consent.

Inaddition, we may disclose information about you (i) if we are required to do soby law or legal process, (ii) to law enforcement authorities or othergovernment officials, or (iii) when we believe disclosure is necessary orappropriate to prevent physical harm or financial loss, or in connection withan investigation of suspected or actual fraudulent or illegal activity.

We alsoreserve the right to transfer personal data in our possession in the event of asale or transfer of all or part of our business or assets. In the event of sucha sale or transfer, we will use reasonable resources to direct the purchaser ofthe business or property to use the personal data you provide to us in a mannerconsistent with our Privacy Policy. Following such a sale or transfer, you maycontact the company to which we transferred your personal data and anyenquiries about the processing of that data.


Your rightsand choices

When we provide you with and collect personal information from you, we provide you withcertain choices about how we may use the information and how we may contactyou. To update your preferences, request to be removed from our mailing list orsubmit a request, please contact us as specified below.

• Rejecte mail

You maynotify us by email not to send you promotional materials at any time byclicking on the unsubscribe link in the promotional email you receive from us,or by contacting us as follows. You may also opt out of receiving promotionalmaterials by contacting us as shown below.

• Reject mail

You can ask us to stop sending promotional materials by mail by following the instructionsthat may be included in a particular promotion. You can also ask us to stop sendingyou promotional emails, please contact us as shown below.

• Opt-out of text messages

You can askus to stop sending text messages to specific mobile phones by contacting us as follows.

• Withdraw push notifications

You canturn off in-app push notifications on your mobile device.

• Withdraw consent

You may withdraw any consent previously given to us or object to the processing of yourpersonal data for any lawful reason. We will process your preferences or requests within a reasonable time. In some cases, withdrawing your consent toour use or disclosure of your personal data means that you cannot takeadvantage of some of our products or services.

• View, update and amend personal data

Under applicable law, you may have theright to request access to and receive personal data details about you, updateand correct inaccurate personal data about you, and block or delete data asappropriate. In some cases, the right to access personal data may be restrictedby local laws. You may request to view, change or delete your personal data bysending an email to  info@kloranehk.com.


We maytransfer the personal data we collect about you to countries other than thecountry in which the data was originally collected. Those countries may nothave the same data protection laws as the country in which you originallyprovided the data. When we transfer your data to other countries, we willprotect that data as set out in this Privacy Policy.

Pushnotifications and in-app alerts and updates

When youdownload our mobile application, you can choose to receive push notificationsfrom us on your mobile device through the mobile application. Such pushnotifications may include promotional messages about our products and services.You may opt out of receiving push notifications by changing the settings ofyour mobile device after downloading the relevant mobile application. Optingout of push notifications will not prevent you from receiving othercommunications from us (such as email newsletters). You can also receive alertsand updates about our products and services or your account through our mobileapp. If you do not wish to receive such alerts and updates, you may uninstallour mobile application from your mobile device.


If you areunder the age of 18, you can browse our website or use our app. However, youmay not provide us with personal data. Our app is not intended for childrenunder the age of 18 and we do not knowingly collect personal data from childrenunder the age of 18 in any app. If we become aware that we have inadvertentlyreceived personal data from users under the age of 18 from any application, wewill delete such data from our records.

How we protect personal data

We retainappropriate administrative, technical and practical safeguards designed toprotect the personal data you provide against accidental unlawful orunauthorized destruction, loss, alteration, viewing, disclosure or use.

Your rightsand choices

We mayprovide certain choices about the personal data we collect from you, such ashow we use that data and how we communicate with you. You may contact us asfollows to request us to update your preferences, stop sending you promotionalmailings, or submit general requests.

Reject mail

SupergoCompany Limited may be requested by post to stop sending you marketing emailsby following the instructions that may be included in individual promotions.You may also contact us as described below to request that we stop sending youpromotional mailings.

 Link toother websites

Ourwebsites and applications may provide links to other websites for yourconvenience and linking information. These websites may operate independentlyof us. The linked website may have its own privacy statement or policy, and westrongly recommend that you check the privacy statement or policy of that website.If you visit any linked website that is not owned or controlled by us, we willnot be responsible for the content of the website, any use of the website orthe privacy policy practices of the website.

Update ourprivacy policy

This Privacy Policy may be updated periodically without prior notice to you toreflect changes in our personal data practices. We will post a prominent noticeon our website and app notifying you of any material changes to our Privacy Policy and will appear at the top of the policy when it is last updated.

How to contact us

If you haveany questions or comments about this Privacy Policy, or if you would like us toupdate your information or your preferences, please contact us at  info@kloranehk.com.